Slate & Basalt Tiles

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Slate is a kind of fine-grained rock produced by the compression of sedimentary layers that collected beneath the ocean. Because of its robust construction, it will not fade, scrape, or react with chemicals. It's also a beautiful and popular ornamental stone. It's renowned for its adaptability as well as its long-term durability. Slate is a popular material for both indoor and outdoor projects. It's a godsend in the construction sector, where it's used to make roofing sheets and coverings, as well as interior and exterior flooring.

Slate is widely used in landscaping, as paving material for paths, swimming pool surrounds, and even to cover the external walls of buildings because of its resilience to weather and pollution elements. Slate tiles are a great addition to any space, especially those in colder regions because they endure almost indefinitely and require little to no upkeep.

Slate is a natural home design element that will enhance the beauty and charm of any room in which it is used. Bathroom, kitchen, backsplash, and other uses benefit from slate wall tiles. Slate tiles for walls are available in a range of styles at Buy Tiles & More to complement any decor. You can select from a range of hues when it comes to slate wall tiles. White slate tile is an excellent choice for achieving a relaxing atmosphere in your house. To give depth and texture to your feature wall, use black slate tiles. Slate tile has an opulent appearance that may provide luxury to any space.

Natural slate will offer a unique decorative touch to any contemporary home or commercial space, whether in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Explore Buytilesandmore wide range of high-quality slate tiles, which come in various colors and finishes to add a unique touch to any interior.


What is slate?

Slate is a fine-grained rock created when mud and stone sediment are compressed.

What is the basis of the slate?

Slate is a natural substance that may be found beneath the earth's surface in various areas worldwide. The majority of commercial slate originates from quarries in India, China, Africa, Brazil, the United States, and Italy.

How long do you think the slate will last?

Slate has an almost infinite lifespan. Many buildings in India over 1000 years old still have their original slate floors and roofs.