Interlocking Mosaics

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  1. Grigio Lagoon Interlocking Mosaic
    Special Price $17.06 Regular Price $28.67
  2. Stonella Interlocking Glass Mosaic
    Special Price $14.75 Regular Price $24.78
  3. Bimini 12X12 Interlocking Mosaic
    Special Price $8.38 Regular Price $14.07
  4. Super Nova Interlocking Glass Mosaic
    Special Price $11.94 Regular Price $20.06
  5. Urbanka Interlocking 12X12 Mosaic
    Special Price $7.06 Regular Price $11.87
  6. Volcanic Luxe Interlocking Mosaic
    Special Price $18.63 Regular Price $31.29
  7. Geometric Carrara White 12X12 Mosaic
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $24.15
  8. Stainless Steel And Glass Mix Mosaic
    Special Price $23.00 Regular Price $39.68
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Items 1-36 of 126

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Why has Interlocking mosaic tiles become so popular in-home design in recent years? Mosaic tiles in various colors and patterns make typical tiled walls look like works of art. From delicate patterns to wacky, vintage patterns, Mosaic Tile has a wide variety of tile designs to choose from, allowing you to customize your space in various ways. The all-natural white and marble kitchen is glamorous, but the mosaic tiles create a backsplash, a magnificent center point in a kitchen. Today's tiles come in various colors and styles, allowing kitchens to be high-end and stylish with matching or contrasting cabinets and worktops. Interlocking Mosaic tiles from Buytilesandmore can be used to make a one-of-a-kind statement on the backsplash or an accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

If you want a more contemporary appearance, there are a variety of tiles available to meet your needs. Our interlocking mosaic tiles combine glass, marble, and metal textures for a spectacular final result. Make the backsplash the bathroom's primary focus by pairing it with white worktops and a white sink. With low ceilings, a vertical sequence of interlocking tiles can provide the illusion of height. Creating a mosaic tile pattern that perfectly expresses your unique individuality is possible when you combine elements of both current and traditional styles. With the modern cabinets and furnishings, use a classic-inspired marble tile that matches the grey and white iconic appearance of marble with an updated pattern to create a fresh effect on an accent wall and backsplash.

Color can be added to a minimalist kitchen by using a patterned glass tile that takes the design to the next level. Tiles with textured patterns in modern glass mosaics work well with open cabinets and a solid-colored countertop. The delicate grey and white tones give the kitchen a trendy touch, transforming it from austere and antiseptic to welcoming and lively.

Reach out to us to find the Mosaic Tiles you like the most or work with our design specialists to build your own unique mosaic tile design.

1. Is it challenging to lay mosaic tiles?

The backing mesh makes it much easier to place mosaic tiles now. This or any other tiling job may be the most difficult since tiles come in various shapes and materials, and many sheets include glass or metallic tiles as accents.

2. Are gaps needed for mosaic tiles?

Use tile spacers to ensure that the spaces between neighboring mosaic sheets in the first quadrant are the same as the gaps between the tiles in each sheet. It is possible to create interlocking mosaic sheets by the staggered placement of the small tiles.

3. Do you grout between the tiles in your mosaics?

Grout with sand, such as the kind we sell, may be necessary if the spaces between your mosaic tiles are more than 1/8 inch. If the gaps are more than 1/8 inch, the sand strengthens the grout and keeps it from splitting. The conventional grout gap is about 1/16 inch.

4. How long can you leave the grout before wiping?

Allow the grout to dry for 15 to 30 minutes, then use a thick grout sponge soaked in water to remove any excess. If you think it will take you longer than 30 minutes to grout all the tiles and be ready for cleanup, you may have to work in smaller parts.