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  1. 3D Arrowhead Brushed Mosaic
    Special Price $28.05 Regular Price $48.38
  2. Arrowhead 3D Brushed Metal Mosaic
    Special Price $27.71 Regular Price $47.80
  3. White Oak 3D Braid Honed Mosaic
    Special Price $17.27 Regular Price $29.79
  4. Oriental White 3D Polished Mosaic
    Special Price $16.73 Regular Price $28.87
  5. Mixed 3D Hexagon 10X12 Glass Mosaic
    Special Price $9.14 Regular Price $15.08
  6. Gray Oak 3D 6X24 Honed Ledger Panel
    Special Price $11.00 Regular Price $17.60
  7. Neptune 3D Interlocking Honed Mosaic
    Special Price $20.50 Regular Price $44.28
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For this year's most significant design trend, be ready now! The 3D tiles are calling our name Buytilesandmore! This is your best bet if you're looking for an inexpensive way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Even if you're trying to update a more traditional home, these inventive designs will give it a new outlook on life. 3D tile designs are a great way to beautify your walls, floors, and backsplashes, and we'll show you how!

There are two types of 3D tiles: textured and non-textured, which should be considered. Those that have natural textures and those that provide a sense of depth and dimension. The effect you're trying to accomplish will significantly impact the style you choose. Tiles with a textured 3D effect can add a distinctive and elegant depth to a room. Porcelain and marble are common materials for these decorations since they can be sculpted and still hold up to daily use.

Additionally, non-textured tiles can give the illusion of depth while maintaining a smooth surface. The sense of depth is created by toying with perspective in these patterns, often formed of mosaic-type tiles. Using them as a fireplace surround or even as a floor covering is possible because their smooth surface makes them an excellent choice! For a bold, modern effect, the beveled edges of the 3D versions of this classic tile design highlight their sharp angles.

If you're looking for a method to add visual interest to your bathroom or kitchen, this 3D subway tile is a great option! Make your kitchen stand out with this unique 3D backsplash tile! Each group of four squares is debossed with a diamond form to add a special touch to your kitchen or bathroom wall. This 3D tile would look beautiful as a kitchen backsplash because of its depth and dimension. A raised surface on each diamond shape adds to its three-dimensionality. Marble's distinctive veining provides a neutral color pallet with a mix of warm and cold tones.