Sample FAQ and Terms

Order Samples of the tiles before you place an order.


Can I order a sample? 

  • YES, you can order a sample, the samples are free, but we charge a nominal shipping fee of $5.00 per sample. If you order the tiles from us and the order total is over $300.00 or more than we will refund the amount that you pay for the samples. 

How samples are ordered?

  • Products that have samples available will have an ORDER SAMPLE button shown, please click that to order the samples.  

How many samples can I order?

  • You can order one sample per product.

What are the sizes of the samples?

  • The size of the samples are mostly 4inch x 4 inch or 6inch by 6 inch depending on the tile product. They are just a representation of the tiles to show you the color, pattern, texture to give you a look and feel of the tile product.

How will the samples be shipped? 

  • Mostly samples are shipped by FEDEX / UPS / USPS ground services.

Will the samples be from the from the actual piece of the product? 

  • YES, the samples are the actual tiles product, not necessary from the same lot of the tiles in stock that will be shipped when you order based on the samples.
  • If it is a natural stone tile, the samples will vary from the actual tiles as there is variation in natural stone products. The samples are for getting a good look and feel of the tiles.
  • These samples cannot be used for installation but only to get an idea of the product.
  1. The samples are free, and we only charge a nominal shipping fee of $5.00 per sample. Which is refundable if you place an order of $300 or more.
  2. The samples of all the tiles are not guaranteed, we try our best to provide you with the requested samples.
  3. Sometimes the samples are not in good shape on delivery as they are individually packed and lack the proper safe packaging as the actual tile order. Nevertheless, they solve the purpose of showing you the color, texture and the pattern of the tiles.
  4. Multiple samples sometimes cannot be ordered in one order as they might be available in different warehouses.