Elegance, luxury and timeless! That is what comes to minds of design professionals when they think about Carrara marble. The most popular Italian marble named after its region. Carrara has a light grey background and light bluish grey veining with a pattern usually soft and feathery which makes it looks so rich and prestigious. Its neutral tones are what makes it so universal and can add life to any space by its presence.


Truly Timeless

One of the most popular marble yet classic, that never goes out of style. Carrara marble tiles speaks pure elegance and comes in many different styles to meet everyone’s needs. Due to its durability and timeless beauty, it still exists and keeps adding to it’s range from tiles of all sizes 12x12, 18x18 and even large formats. The marble mosaic patterns and styles are endless, because of the dense characteristics of a marble, waterjet designs are easy to create, with blends of other marble and metal inserts. Carrara tiles does not limit itself to any style, it adds its beauty to all kinds of homes whether your home is traditional, modern, contemporary, transitional or mid-century.


Same yet different

Carrara marble gives place a stylish look. But due to its numerous kinds of patterns and textures from polish to matte to honed or satin finishes it brings things to life. It also comes in various shapes Arabesque, Herringbone, Subway, Hexagon, Penny round, and modern waterjet designs with insets of other material like metal and other naturals stone tile material. The diverse range is impressive and overwhelming. This sleek marble just not limit itself to tiles a wide variety of mosaics tiles available can be customized to fit the look you are going for and feel of your home.

Bright white and versatile

The Gorgeous white marble adds brightness to any place. It’s monochromatic colors can trick eyes and enlarge spaces visually while the bluish grey veins still maintains the interest. This light color marble is perfectly suitable for tight spaces as it creates an illusion and makes the area looks open and large. The Carrara marble tiles with glossy finish are reflective and allow light to bounce around the room to give the radiant timeless look.




A great choice for both wall tiles and floor tiles. The Carrara tiles are not limited to any application, from fireplace surrounds to shower surrounds it is very versatile. The decorator Carrara tile patterns can be used for both wall and floor tiles. Care needs to be taken about high traffic areas and the care of maintenance of the tiles.

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