Are you looking for a way to bring your kitchen or bathroom décor to life? Mosaic tiles are the perfect way to add color, fun and interest in any space. These tiles can help you create a beautiful space. However, there are several mistakes that people make when installing these tiles.

Common mistakes to avoid when installing mosaic tiles

1. Cramming in too many design & pattern ideas

Mosaic tiles offer a lot of room for creativity. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You can create a work of art in your bathroom with mosaic tiles. However, it is not uncommon for people to go overboard when they come across various tiles in a mosaic tile sale online. They may try to cram in too many ideas in their bathrooms as a result.

Too many designs and colors in your bathroom will be overwhelming to the eye and make your bathroom look cluttered. You can achieve a tranquil and coherent space by deciding on a theme and limiting your choices to support this theme. For example, choose tiles in colors or shades that complement each other for your wall and floor.


2. Choosing the wrong grout color

Many people assume that installing mosaic tiles is a trivial pursuit and an easy DIY job. However, they soon learn than even mosaic tile installation requires some level of skill and experience. One mistake that many inexperienced installers make is choosing the wrong grout color.

Whether you are laying marble mosaic wall tile or porcelain tile backsplash tiles, it is important to treat the mosaic tiles like you would treat individual larger tiles. Choose a grout that blends or compliment with the color of the tile. You may even want to test it out with a tile or two prior to installing the entire floor or wall. Re-grouting is not an easy task.

3. Leaving unfinished edges

Depending on where and how you install the tiles, you may end up with edges that look unfinished. This creates an awkward and messy look. If your mosaics do not end at a corner or are not framed, you should use trim pieces to create a clean finished look.

You may also want to consider not using grout in between the countertop and the bottom edge of the final row of mosaic tile. Use a flexible material such as caulk instead. This will give room for the natural movements of the structure of the home as it settles and avoid cracking or splitting.