The vanity of your bathroom speaks a lot about your style and personality. Choose a theme or style before embarking on a bathroom remodeling. Whether your taste is leaning towards a modern bathroom or a traditional style powder room, know in advance what you want and create a cohesive bathroom.

Let’s see the top 7 bathroom vanity design ideas in 2021:

  1. Modern bathroom vanity ideas

To create modern bathroom vanities, you need to create an elegant line with an elegant design. You need to make sure you don't have too many details or clutter. To achieve this look, consider installing a floating dressing table in the bathroom that keeps the space below open.

Modern bathrooms must follow a specific design code. Counters and cabinets require smooth panels or the front of a shaker drawer. Try to create a long, continuous line that encourages your eyes to flow through the bathroom. Accept simplicity with low light and plumbing.

Consider using hidden lightings such as LED lighting in mirrors, LED strips that illuminate the underside of floating vanity, and embedded lighting in the ceiling.

  1. Traditional bathroom vanity ideas

Aim to create a "furniture style" with ornate details and designs to create a traditional feel to your vanity. Look for a cabinet with legs, edges, and moldings. Used clothing is also an option. The mirror also needs a matching decorative frame. You can add a treasure trove of vintage and choose a golden frame.

Use chandeliers for lighting and ornate vintage plumbing fixtures. Cabinet hardware is essential and must be molded with great care. Cabinet doors and drawers require a lot of raised panels and trim work. The big advantage of these cabinets is that they can provide ample storage space in a small bathroom.

  1. Vanity ideas for tiled walls and tile backsplash

It is natural to use tiles in the vanity area, as tiles and bathrooms are so closely related. It can be used for tabletops and backsplash areas on walls. Tiles help keep the bathroom clean and protect the area from excessive moisture.

Large tiles with sealant create a continuous look that can make a small bathroom look bigger. Tiles less than 4 inches square create a mosaic look. Be careful with these tiles. There are plenty of sealants to keep them clean, and many tiles can look overwhelming in tight spaces.

Keep the colors of tiles bright and neutral, as it brightens the bathroom and prevents the mosaic from coating it and making it smaller. To buy such amazing vanities for the bathroom, look for bathroom vanity sets on sale.

  1. Bathroom vanity ideas for countertops

The bathroom counter you choose for the vanity should be impermeable to water. The bathroom is moist, and the vanity needs to survive in this humid environment. A wise choice is to use stones such as marble and granite.

A common bathroom vanities with tops choice is to use marble granite or a thin layer of granite on top of the wooden cabinet. Then your sink will be dropped on the counter. If you want to make a unique and bold statement, consider using thicker stones.

  1. Bathroom vanity lighting ideas

The vanity is an important area of ​​the bathroom. You need a light that is easy to use for sinks, tables, and mirrors. This means that there is a strong light that illuminates the person and the pelvis.

A common location for vanity lights is face height on either side or above the mirror. You can spotlight the counter, but this is not common. If you are in a dark place, you risk being sprayed from the sink, creating strange rising shadows.

Another common lighting option is to mount the lamp on top of a mirror to dim the light. You can mount the light on the wall or hang it from the ceiling like a pendant light.

  1. Vanity Mirror idea

A mirror is required for the bathroom vanities. It can be used for preparation after using the toilet and for checking reflections. You can choose a basic round mirror that works functionally, but it may look boring and common.

Instead, decorate the bathroom by choosing a mirror that complements the rest of the bathroom. A common option is to place a large mirror that occupies most of the wall. This enhances the look and feel of the bathroom.

If the vanity has a double sink, the large mirror will look beautiful. You can extend the mirror to each sink to give people space to use the entire table between the sinks.

If the vanity has one sink, only one mirror is needed. You can let the mirror take the length of the wall. You can also shape and hang a mirror. Be creative and consider using a round mirror.

  1. Country-style bathroom vanity ideas

Use wood and other rustic materials to create a rustic, country-style dressing table in your bathroom. The cabinet needs some details, but it's not as glamorous as the traditional construction of a vanity. Cabinets can be used in combination with drawers, doors, and open spaces.

After that, you can use the open space of the basket or bathtub as a storage space. The goal of the country-styled bathroom vanities idea is to create a warm, cozy and comfortable space. Natural materials, matte finish, and nostalgic furniture create a casual style.

To truly embrace country style with a rustic vanity, consider adding a farmer's sink. The white washbasin adds a unique element to the bathroom while clearly defining the aesthetic.

You also need to look for fixtures, faucets, and fixtures that aren't elegant but overly glamorous. Also, don't feel constrained by the black color. You can achieve a rustic look with silver or gold-tone fixtures.

Wrapping it up;

The bathroom vanities add a lot of feel to the room, so you really need to get it right. From the idea of ​​a vanity in a bathroom with a washbasin to the luxurious marble countertop in a luxury cabinet, you can create a custom nightstand that fits your budget.