It does not matter what your design aesthetic might be or the space constraint that you might have. One thing is for sure: subway tiles are a classic addition to any interior. Inspired by the line of tiles in the New York City subway, these have been on the rise ever since they were discovered in 1904. These tiles are termed classic for their vintage, minimal and straightforward design. They are versatile as tile as they can be accommodated in any part of the house! Simplicity and minimalism do come a long way when it comes to these tiles. They are an age-old-age design that is now viewed almost as a fashion statement.


Some might think these tiles are dull, but they can be the perfect finishing touch to any space with the right design cues. These tiles can prove their versatility from rustic rooms to modern ones by making your interiors look that much classier. One can easily purchase a discount tile online.


Still not convinced about these tiles? Here are some lesser-known facts about these tiles.


It originated beneath Manhattan.

As the name suggests, one is already aware that the first subway tile showed up below ground- in New York City’s subway system. When it opened in 1904, designers Christopher Grand La Farge and George C.Heins were asked to design a surface that could be easily cleaned but would at the same time feel familiar and safe for travelers. These tiles were a by-product of these needs, and it did just that- it gave a clean, bright, that clean look to these subways.


You can still get a glimpse of the first subway tiles in an abandoned subway station.

If you are obsessed with design and get an authentic perspective on these tiles, then New York City is your answer! You can get a tour with the New York Transit Museum, exhibiting these old tiles.


It was invented as a result of a hygienic obsession.

These tiles also came about with an obsession with cleanliness. Because of their glazed finish, easy-to-clean nature, and stain-resistant look, they were a winner with the ones who were obsessed with cleanliness. These cream subway tile have earned a reputation of being practical but sanitary at the same time. These tiles can prove to be a suitable choice for the modern kitchen, bathrooms, or balconies.


Are there any classic dimensions?

While the classic subway tile measures three by six inches, the definition can be more fluid and up to your design choice. Nowadays, tiles are twice as long as they are vast, but some also come in squares; thus, the dimensions are not restricted to any guidelines. It’s up to you and your design aesthetic to choose the dimensions, but three by six inches should be your go-to answer!


It comes in glass and stones as well.

One might even think that these tiles only come in ceramic, but you will be surprised to learn how genuinely versatile these tiles can be. They not only come in different dimensions but also different materials. These days, they are available in glass, marble, stone, and brick wall tile as well. These varieties are a result of the demand for these tiles.


It is affordable

Subway tiles can vary in cost, but because of their simplicity, they are not very pricey. You can visit your nearest tile retailer to check their price ranges and price lists.


The possibilities of patterns are endless.

One usually visualizes these tiles laid in the usual horizontal pattern, but they can even be laid vertically or any pattern that you fancy. You can remodel them to your liking and desire.


It’s not for your floors.

These tiles are versatile, but not so much that they can be laid as a floor. These tiles are relatively thin and won’t stand the impact of human weight and furniture.


It’s the design equivalent of red lipstick.

Some have even come so far as to compare these tiles with the classiness of red lipstick. Subway tiles have come to be seen as a timeless wardrobe staple that almost goes and matches everything.


Age of minimalism

In an age where the minimalistic is thriving, these clean white tiles perfectly match the needs of these times. They are precise about what minimalism is made of.




These subway tiles can be the answer to having a classy interior and still easy to clean surface; what’s better than when design matches your needs? Check out the different plans and options before making your purchase, as it is indeed possible to go wild with this set of tiles. Subway tiles are here to stay.