Porcelain is the long-time choice of interior designers. We utilize porcelain tiles to produce a softer aesthetic and reflect natural light wonderfully. Far easier to install than other stone tiling materials, porcelain is lightweight, practical, and significantly stress-free.

Why Are Porcelain Tiles So Popular?

Porcelain tiles, while less expensive than marble, are more likely to have more consistent veining and coloration. Marble, on the other hand, has a somewhat higher porosity. In other words, it's capable of absorbing liquids. This causes lasting discoloration and discoloration. Porcelain, however, is exceptionally long-lasting due to its durability and attractiveness.

Use Porcelain Tile in Your Home for Decorative Purposes

Its unique mix of sturdy, long-lasting substance and ability to act as a magnificent façade or foundation makes it perfect for use in almost any home area. Another reason interior designers love it. Porcelain tiles are used in bathrooms, kitchens, and indoor/outdoor spaces.

Porcelain in a living room or primary family space isn't most people's first choice, but it provides a place with a modern vibe. Porcelain performs better than unpolished, pricey materials in a busy family household. The rare aspect of porcelain in a living room may give your area an edge, especially if it's the only porcelain used in your home.

What's so great about our porcelain?

Complementing these tiles are a variety of other options. These porcelain tiles were made to the highest standards by us. It's easy to upgrade your home's decor with porcelain tiles because of its affordability. Let's look at some of the porcelain tiles available from Buytilesandmore to see how designers have used our beautiful porcelain tiling for over 50 years.

Laminate Designed With Calacatta Polish

Calacatta polished porcelain tiles have subtle veining that is broad, asymmetric, and muted grey, bringing the character to the tiling and the room they're put in.

The natural appearance recalls tree limbs. It seems to be associated with flowers and home plants. Wooden and simple furniture and fixtures go well with it. These white, polished floor tiles gleams and work as a tie-together.

Polished Porcelain in Bianco Statuario

Bianca statuario tiles Contrasting veins form a remarkable statement porcelain tile. Bold veining sits on fainter, thinner cracking. The white color stays the focus. The colors blend well. This is an economical choice for your fantasy room.

Porcelain Polished With Carrara

With the softest porcelain pattern in our range, Carrara polished tiles provide a delicate flow from one room to another.

The delicate, transparent grey veining in these tiles is one of the most accessible foundations to employ, whether harmonizing showpiece furniture or creating a softer environment overall. Carrara polished porcelain tile is the safest choice if you want your home to feel connected.

The Tiles Of Statuario Gold Honed Porcelain

This tile closest resembles natural marble veining. Thin, beautiful, asymmetric veining in light grey and brown colors glows against their white foundation. These veins' complexity and airy appearance make them ideal for floors or walls.

A word from our designers

Using too many earthy tones can make a room feel dismal, so it's best to use a mix of different hues. To avoid this, use a mix of warm and cold tones in your environment. Accent colors can also be used to break up gloomy shades. The natural feel of a room may be preserved while adding a splash of color with the help of indoor plants. Textured soft furniture and accessories can complete the theme.

To learn more about our natural stone tile options, please visit our online gallery, or contact a member of our sales or design teams.