Many homeowners looking for an aesthetically pleasing material for their kitchen and bathroom counters choose granite. However, this natural stone is also an excellent option for flooring. If you're going with granite or engineered stone for your countertops, granite tiles are still a perfect choice for your flooring. Due to the expense and maintenance involved, many home builders only use granite for countertops; however, more upscale and profitable developments may have granite flooring installed. Here are five reasons you should pick granite flooring for your next renovation or construction.

1.  Granite floor will last forever:

Granite's longevity is one of the material's most significant selling points. Homeowners who know their floors will get many users might choose granite. With proper care and maintenance, granite tiles may survive for decades.

2.  Many Colors and Patterns are Available

Light granite, while a common choice for countertops, isn't your only option when selecting floor tiles. Nature has spent millions of years shaping the appearance of granite, so each rock from the world's quarries looks somewhat different. Bianco Antico tiles from Brazil are worth looking for if you're in the market for light-colored granite with pink flecks and slight veining.

3.  It's Resistant to Staining

Matching granite floor tiles with kitchen counters resist stains. Granite is used as a food preparation surface because it resists staining. Granite tiles may be wiped clean if adequately sealed. Use Granite stone Cleaner before a stain form to clean granite and natural stone floors.

4.  Hypoallergenic Granite Tile

When granite tiles are clean, they are safe for youngsters to play on without worrying about any responses. Granite's low porosity means it won't hold onto liquids or moisture, providing a breeding ground for germs, unlike other natural stones.

5.  Granite Floors Increase Property Value

In the kitchen and bathroom, granite countertops are popular among builders since they attract buyers and are a selling point for prospective homeowners. Granite floor tiles are popular among affluent homebuyers and are something real estate brokers in the USA can help you find. The presence of granite flooring is noted by home appraisers during comprehensive property valuation assessments, especially when compared to similar listings that do not have this characteristic. If you are looking for granite or another natural stone flooring for your house, the experts at Buytilesandmore can help.