Pebble mosaic tiles are mostly made from natural stone pebbles, the tiles are a collection of pebble shaped stones laid carefully on a mesh by skilled craftsmen. The tiles are shaped in interlocking patterns for easy installation and design layout. Pebble tiles come in a variety of colors and designs. These tiles are a great way to capture the beauty of outdoors in you space inside. The pebbles are polished, textured, flat, raised bumpy and more.


Applications of Pebble Mosaic tiles

Mostly used in bathrooms, they can be used as wall tiles and floor tiles. They help you achieve modern, traditional, and also a more rustic look depending on the colors and the pattern you select. The rustic look of some pebbles from the riverbed connects you with the nature, these tiles can be used for outdoor applications. Most popular uses are for Pool Pebble Tiles, Shower pebble tiles, accent walls, featured walls and backsplashes.

Advantages of Pebble Mosaic Tiles

One of the main advantages of using Pebble Tiles is to have an installation without showing the seams, the layout of the tiles can be done in a way that the seams are not very visible as you pay multiple tiles and make your unique design. Another advantage is that textured pebble tiles are slip resistance and a popular choice for shower floors.

Uniqueness of Pebble Mosaic Tiles

The new unique designs of the pebble tiles that are making statement are tiles shaped as Hexagons, they are easy to install and in many cases the pebble tiles does not require a saw to cut the tiles. Natural Stone Pebble Tiles require sealing like any other natural stone tiles to look great for years. You can use color enhancing sealers or regular sealers to give you a matte and dry look as stones outdoors. Layout the tiles on the area before installation and plan your design for easier installation.

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