Travertine Tiles have earned remarkable popularity in the market, with Travertine being available not just in precise appearance and feel but also in varied sizes and body like ceramic, vitrified, and porcelain making it a high-selling product.

Travertine is formed from mineral deposits in natural springs. This sedimentary stone forms quickly from calcite. Other minerals interact with calcite to generate swirls and movement in Travertine. Travertine is pricey and high-maintenance, like other natural stones.

As a popular stone that adds appeal to every place, here's what you need to know about classy tiles:

Types of Travertine Tile Coating Materials

Travertine tiles have many finishes, much as other tiles. Each finish is unique. Let's explore popular styles which is available at  Buytilesandmore.

Graceful and polished: Gloss and sheen abound on a polished travertine tile. It has been polished and coated to reflect light brilliantly.

Nonglossy and Matte: Honed Travertine is comparable to polished, except it lacks sheen. It's smoothed with an unfinished stone.

Scrubbed: The tile's brushed design is created by brushing or wire-wheeling the surface.  This unfilled rough brushed finish is rustic but classy.

Qualities of Travertine Tiles

In some areas, Travertine outperforms other tiles despite their competition.

  •  Robustness: Like other tiles, travertine walls look fantastic in bathrooms and kitchens and may be used with dark and bright tiles. Travertine floor tiles may be placed quickly and survive for years if properly maintained.
  • Simple upkeep: Travertine maintenance doesn't require special equipment. After dusting, a primary surface cleanser and clean mop will work nicely. You may also have a deep cleaning occasionally but avoid excessive loads and pressure. However the tiles are needed to be sealed periodically.

Do You Think Travertine Tile Is Best for You?

In this scenario, the response is an emphatic yes. On the other hand, the answer is not black and white and must consider both the available funds and the desired design style.  Remembering that travertine tiles, like most other tiles, may require resealing after some time has passed. This quality natural stone tile is a top choice among its peers.