When you plan on building your dream home, you can never skip any of those things that will add sparkles to your home. From every corner of the home, you can expect your touch and your sense of creativity. In recent times, the dream of planning and building a home is not that tough job anymore. You can just choose your favorite option from millions of choices. If we see how the designers and architects plan and design, we can see that the demand for character tiles is at a much higher stake. The different and beautiful styles of tiles can add beautiful sights to your dream home. 

In this article, we will help you decorate and make your dream home hosted with various colorful tiles on your walls and floors. The look that depicts your individuality and personality. Decorate your home with vibrant and stylish tiles like white marble tiles, quartzite tiles, wood-look tile, and brick wall tiles. Give your walls and floor a sense of luxury with your unique choice.

Let’s look at some of the gorgeous designs of the tiles.

Look of the metro style standard subway tiles are now much in the trend when it comes to decorating the kitchen splashbacks and bathroom decor. But in recent times, it has been seen that the rectangular tiles bring in more stylish and gives your home more decorated layouts. This looks exactly like a running regular brick bond pattern. Along with this, the new elongated format of the tiles is now arranged in herringbone formations, which increase the authenticity of the place. You can find different types and varieties of tiles in this format. The color options are also available from matte to metallic. Giving you some brownie points, try to occupy a large number of areas by adding a pop,-up color with a punch of single tiles here and there. This look will create the everlasting visual in the viewer’s mind.

  • Mismatched maximization

A little bit of clash and pop can go side by side without any hesitation. These color combinations provide vividness in viewpoint. The art of mixing tile style, colors, and different patterns in your living room, gives it a very bold kind of look that is now trending. The state of your decoration speaks about your confidence as well. The mismatching floors and walls are the new trend and portrays individual design. All this mismatch combination can give you a jazzy kind of appeal and can entertain your guests.

  • Color correction with the greeny look

Thinking of an avocado, then why don’t you put the color of the fruit just in front of your eyes? 

Of course, the color green has always played a short role when it comes to bathroom decor. But now it is the time when we go all green. Mark your green tiles statement in your bathroom and sense the pure, sleek dark forest vibes.

  • Update the encaustic

Look at the colorful and encaustic styles of tiles; these are the antique versions that guarantee you to give the modern yet edgy look. The antique encaustic style of the tiles will match your furniture vibes and give you a pleasure form of vintage furniture. You can go for changing the floor or the wall pattern; the choice is yours.

  • Why not go for the wood effect

Love woods? Then it is your ultimate choice to choose the natural timber. We can see more and more use of natural timber in the home decorating purpose, so why don’t you go for the practical use of the tiles. You have an option in choosing porcelain which is designed to emulate wood. You can decorate these kinds of tiles in your kitchen, living room, bathroom floors. These tiles don’t stain and are perfect for your wood look.

  • Mixing the color and pattern

If you are a fan of colors and patterns, you must try mixing different shades of colors and different tiles patterns. It will create a beautiful patchwork, and it will reflect well on your antique and vintage kind of look. You can also mix the tiles to give it a sunny and exotic look.

  • Tiles art

These are now in demand. Tiles are not necessarily to be plain, simple and practical. You can go using tile art, this will give you a new Moroccan look, and you can feel the art around you. Tiles are available in big and contemporary forms; you can choose your favorite art.

  • No comprise on texture.

Texture feelings are important when you go designing the interior. You can choose the best out of different types of tiles; this will happily make your home a beautiful place. You can also go for choosing different textures according to country style and the different textures of fabrics you use for the interiors.

  • Go for American tin.

Tin ceilings are introduced from North America. It can be considered as quietistic plasterwork. You can use this American tin in your ceiling and on your floor as well.

  • Get inspired from scales.

This may sound unique, but you can choose different types of shapes to decorate your interior. There are mosaics of small tiles, which can go well with your kitchen wall. You can go for triangles, stars, quatrefoils, and diamonds. You can mix one color and other too to give your home a colorful look.

Check out all these styles and choose your best.