Although flooring patterns do not vary as frequently as fashion trends, technological developments have changed in the last decade. Innovators in the flooring industry have produced affordable and durable materials, minimal maintenance, waterproof, and luxurious in appearance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has been in trend since 2009, and it appears to be here to stay. With each passing year, the flooring type has gained a more significant market share. Because LVT manufacturers have continued to enhance its characteristics, this is the case. Because luxury vinyl is more durable, it may be utilized in various settings, including colleges, hospitals, and hotels, to name a few. The reasons why LVT is gaining market share from hardwoods and carpets are discussed below.

  • Visual Appeal

Technology has pushed the hardwood business in the previous two years with wood-look-alike goods from vinyl, ceramic tile, and laminate flooring.To stay competitive, hardwood manufacturers must come up with new ideas. LVT is a versatile flooring option that allows individuals to create themselves in any room of a building. Vinyl has become a popular choice among consumers who prefer wood-look-alike flooring. Customers like LVT because they can get it for a much lower price while still getting the same aesthetic appeal that wood would provide. Even better, you may have a wood theme in water-prone areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room by using waterproof luxury vinyl tile.

Customers may choose from various styles, textures, and patterns in LVT, including blonde, stone-look alike, and textured flooring. Blonde is becoming increasingly popular because of its versatility, which allows it to fit into any décor design. On the other hand, textured flooring is popular in 2019 due to its similarity to classic hardwood.

  • Durability

Another reason for the increase in popularity of luxury vinyl is that manufacturers have created more durable models. "Hot pressed tile" was the initial term for LVT. LVT is a strong flooring choice since it is comprised of durable materials. The tile is composed of five layers that are bonded together using pressure and heat. The layers are a vinyl backing, a vinyl core, a print film layer, a protective wear layer, and a coating.

As a result, it is appropriate for high-traffic areas such as offices and institutions. The protective layer protects normal wear and tear, such as stains, chips, scuffs, and dents.

  • Easy To Maintain

LVT is preferred over other flooring materials by organizations with minimal maintenance costs. Hardwood flooring and carpets are more difficult to keep clean than luxury vinyl tile. A surface layer for hardwood floors must be created by frequent polishing, waxing, and refinishing. LVT, on the other hand, is made with a protective layer that makes maintenance hassle-free.

Furthermore, cleaning LVT is considerably easier than cleaning hardwoods or carpets. You have to sweep it and then mop it to clean it.

  • Acoustics

Other types of flooring, such as tiles and hardwood, do not have a quiet profile. LVT provides a quiet floor for office installations, making it perfect for businesses with an open office layout.

  • Waterproof Flooring

Contractors and property owners used to have just one waterproof option: tiles, but today they have various choices, including LVT. Vinyl tile flooring is great for kitchens, baths, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, and modern types are waterproof vinyl tile flooring. They've given interior designers the ability to create a wood motif in every space of a home.

  • Affordable

In comparison to hardwood, LVT is less expensive while providing the same luxurious look in any house room. LVT is also easier to install than wood, making it an ideal flooring option for contractors or homeowners on a limited budget.

It's simple to understand why luxury vinyl tiles are becoming more popular; they're versatile and can be used in any part of the house. It's also ideal for busy offices and institutions.