Walls, being such a large part of any home renovation project, should be given extra attention. Because of this, it required architects to embellish them in an unprecedented fashion. Natural stone wall panels have never lost their allure, despite the abundance of modern alternatives in the building business. Ledger stone wall panels are a timeless and popular choice for homes of various styles and locations.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to choose stacked stone wall panels for your next project.

1.  Waterproof

Large wall panels are weatherproof natural stones, including sandstone, quartzite, limestone, marble, and granite. A sealant coating is only necessary on a handful of the natural stone surfaces to protect them from the elements. They retain their luster and color for a long time in natural stones.

2.  Unique New Look

Ledger panels made from several types of natural stone will impart an earthy, unprocessed vibe to the inside of your house. These panels will be appropriate for use in the vicinity of your garden, enhancing the sense of relaxation experienced in such a natural setting. These stone tiles for the front elevation will double as an outside feature or an indoor focal point.

3.  Easy Installation

Although professionally set tile might look fantastic, it is a time-consuming process that often needs the help of an expert tiler and so incurs additional costs. To begin with, a wall covering made of natural stone is quite simple to maintain. The panels are easy to cut to size and install, making them an excellent choice for exterior wall covering. They need about half the time to set up as tiles.


4.  Unlimited Impact

In addition to their aesthetic value and natural appeal, natural stones also transmit a sense of eternity. This material has been used since the Roman Empire and looks as good today as it did then.Their stable qualities allow natural stones like marble to be polished repeatedly without losing their luster. Modern tile designs for home facades benefit significantly from using natural stones.

5.  Shades & Texture

Panels made of ledger stone can be created in various beautiful hues to suit the design needs of multiple dwellings. Because they are crafted from natural stones, each panel's stones have unique characteristics like color, veining, and surface texture. This is one of the reasons why stone is so stunning.

It would help if you chose a ledge stone wall panel for your fireplace that works well with the accent colors already in the space. To make the fireplace stand out, use a ledger stone that contrasts sharply with the rest of the room's design.


Since ledger stone wall panels are crafted from an assortment of natural stones, you'll have no trouble finding an option that works with your room's existing design. If you want high-quality wall panels, however, you must select a natural stone manufacturer with a solid reputation. Look no further than Buytilesandmore.