The classic stacked stone aesthetic will never go out of style. These products provide visual interest, create a sumptuous aesthetic, and highlight focal points. Stacked stone improves indoor and outdoor environments visually and practically. This article suggests five methods for using piled stone. Keep reading to discover more and get design ideas.


Stacking stone in your shower adds interest. The pleasure of bathing inside a cave with a waterfall is priceless. Buytilesandmore's organic-looking tiles achieve this effect.

Natural stone is recommended here—durable, stylish, and shower-friendly. Waterproofing is the best practice, and the correct materials are required. Use an exhaust fan or other way to evacuate moisture-rich, heated air from the room during and after bathing to keep your stones healthy. Stacking stone makes your bathroom look like a five-star hotel or luxury spa. All this is possible when you use stacked stone in your shower design.


The stacked stone surrounding a fireplace enhances a room's capacity to attract and keep attention. It's like having a campfire indoors. Stacking stone creates such magic.

A mix of brown, cream and rust tones offers the area's depth, intrigue, and timeless warmth. Warm, inviting ledger stone contrast (excellently) with the rest of the space. The fireplace is the room's focal point, highlighting the flooring, pillows, and cabinet.


A guitar-shredding child might use a room in your house to practice. Or maybe you own a home recording studio where clients pay for the most incredible sound in town. Adding piled stone to the area boosts its attractiveness. It gives various acoustic benefits, like dampening sounds, so they don't overpower the quality of your recordings or make the rest of your family wear earplugs.

4.  Use to accent stairway walls and landings

BuyTilesandMore Autumn placed stone on staircase walls and landings to enliven boring places. Sparkling Autumn's gold tones, rusts, creams, and textures will boost the space's ambiance and offer an odd focal point. It accentuates this staircase wall's grandeur. Once you reach the middle landing, you'll see an attractive stone veneer wall. Use it on the wall above your bathtub to create the sense of soaking in a mountain swimming hole. Stack stone accent walls keep the outside.

5.  Outdoor living spaces

Stacking stone outside offers many of the same benefits as indoors. We're in an outdoor location, but how many have outdoor-looking elements? Add mystery and joy to a patio with a stacked stone accent wall. Or use it between columns.

Covering your outdoor bar or wall with piled stone is another beautiful idea. They offer depth, warmth, and hues that are human. We may not want to sleep under the stars year-round, but we crave nature. Stacking stone in indoor and outdoor living areas helps us bond with nature. Stacking stone is a beautiful way to bring the outside inside.