The bathroom is a room that you probably do not spend a lot of time in. However, it is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking rooms in your home. Not only does it see a lot of traffic but is also exposed to dirt and moisture. It is therefore important to choose tiles that will help you create surfaces that are resistance to moisture and easily maintained. These tiles should not only be durable but attractive and reflect your taste and design. After all, your bathroom is also that one space in your home where you are truly alone and can unwind.

Tiles come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and types. The following tips will help you make the best choice of tile for your bathroom.

Identify areas of your bathroom where you would like to install tile

There are different surfaces in the bathroom that can benefit from the protection that tile has to offer. These include the floor, the shower walls, your bathroom vanity backsplash and the shower stall floor. It would be best to tile any surface that is likely to come in contact with water. Consider the surfaces to be tiled and the space available for tiling.

Know which tiles are best for the surfaces to be tiled

Different types of tile differ in their characteristics. Not all types of tile are suited for all surfaces in the bathroom. Bathrooms and shower stalls will do well with natural stone floor tiles. These will require care and sealing; porcelain tiles are also a good option for showers. A combination of field and mosaic tiles is also a great idea to avoid minimal grout lines. Tiles with different textures offer traction and are therefore suitable for wet surfaces to prevent slip and fall accidents.

A coordinating Natural stone wall and mosaic tiles are also a great choice for shower walls and vanity backsplashes. These surfaces not only require tiles that are waterproof but also easy to maintain and that offer great aesthetic value. Also consider Glass Tiles, Porcelain and ceramic tiles for the shower walls but ensure that the tiles are suitable for wet areas.

Choose the right color

The color of your tiles will have a great impact on the overall look of your bathroom. It is therefore important to take some time to consider your theme and what kind of look you would like to achieve. The size of the bathroom will also influence the color of the tile you choose. A smaller bathroom should have lighter colors to open it up and make it look larger. A large bathroom can handle darker colors.

Consider the tips above when choosing tiles for your bathroom, functionality and practical applications of the tiles must be considered before making a final selection of the tiles. Take your time to choose the right combination of tiles for different surfaces in your bathroom.