Mirrors are magical! Due to its reflecting properties, it can transform any place and give it the desired aesthetic feel. It can be used to decorate the dull and boring walls and open up the tiny and narrow spaces to look bigger. These decorator tiles made of reflective glass offer endless color and design options. Whether you are updating or adding pizzazz to any project, it enhances and adds glamour. 


Ideas with Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles are fun to use and can be easily added to the space. Mirror tiles can be used in a bathroom or kitchen, mudroom or bedroom wall, either in random clusters or spaced-out patterns to add a contemporary style to the room.  Mirror waterjet mosaic tiles are perfect for creating a softer look while still adding a modern element. Mirror tiles are used only as wall tiles. 

Open up the spaces

Make your space look bigger and brighter, double the size by adding rows of mirror tiles to your area. Mirror mosaic tiles can help connect the areas and open-up the spaces. It can also create the illusion of a window that opens onto the room beyond. A vertical mirrored pattern draws the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious and adding height to low celling rooms.

Mirror backsplash

Oh yes! Mirror backsplash tiles in the kitchen can create a sense of sparkle in what is usually one of the busiest rooms in the house, while turning the room into a delight. Mirror tiles can be laid out in many ways to acquire the aesthetic you are going for. While you are busy in the kitchen, it will keep you connected with your family and friends. Mirror backsplashes in powder rooms and bathroom can visually open small spaces.

Highlight the entryway

An entryway or Hallway is usually a narrow passage area or a small room which generally doesn’t have enough light and tends to look dimmest. If designed creatively and tastefully, it can create a great first impression and a wow factor. Mirror tiles on any accent or featured wall helps make a statement that reflects your personality. When used effectively transforms what could otherwise have been a dull and plain part of the house.

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