Do you generally like your bathroom but feel something more could be done to improve it? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on renovating your bathroom to achieve the ideal space. You can achieve that dream bathroom by making some simple updates to the space. The following are some ideas that will have a big impact on the design, feel and function of your bathroom.

1. Rethink your floors and backsplash

The floor is one of the important elements of bathroom design that is often overlooked. Many people leave the selection of the bathroom floor for last. However, the floor has a major impact on the overall design and feel of the space.

Change your bathroom floor. Think of your bathroom floor as a canvas and choose interesting tile combinations for the space. Use two contrasting tile styles, for example, to create a unique motif. You can visit an online wholesale tile supplier to find tiles in styles that will help you achieve the look you’re after.

2. Update your fixtures & fittings

Updating your showerhead as well as faucets will have a major impact on your bathroom without the need for too much effort. While these fittings may seem small, they play a major role in the functionality as well as setting the theme for the space.

Choose fixtures & fittings in line with the theme you want to achieve in your space. For example, black matte faucets with minimal geometric designs are perfect for achieving a high-end contemporary look. Copper plated taps with a vintage design are great for that industrial look. Ceramic fittings are great for achieving a classic luxurious feel.



3. Update your vanity

Has your vanity seen better days? Replacing that old vanity could be exactly what your bathroom needs to transform its look. Bathroom vanities are often the center of attention in bathrooms of all sizes. Installing a modern bathroom vanity set with mirror will help to make your space feel brand new.

Measure your space carefully to ensure you get the right-sized vanity. Installing a vanity that fits into the space will give you that custom look at a fraction of the price. Bathroom vanities also provide the additional storage which will help to keep your counters clear and your bathroom clutter-free.

4. Paint your bathroom

Transforming the look of your bathroom could be as simple as painting the walls. You can create a completely different look in your bathroom by changing the color of your walls.

If your walls have old tiles, you should buy tile paint to paint over them. A coat of paint over dated tiles will refresh your bathroom without the need for making structural changes. The paint will also help to prevent the growth of mold as well as hide ugly stains that may already exist on the surface of the tiles.

You should also consider painting over existing cabinetry. This is cheaper than investing in new cabinetry for the space. Painting your cabinetry will give the furniture a much-needed face lift and change how the bathroom looks.

5. Install open shelves if possible

Open shelves are not only a great way to increase storage space in a bathroom but also provide opportunities to display artwork, beautiful toiletries as well as plants. Open shelves also help to make a small bathroom feel larger by creating the illusion of space. Shelves help you take advantage of unused vertical space to create an attractive and functional space. Be sure to only display necessary items and store everything else out of sight to avoid cluttering your space.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to renovate your space. You can create an attractive and functional space by making a few updates. Use the tips above to get started.