Large Format Tile

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Do you want to bring fresh interior design concepts into your home? Or do you want to go for a more luxurious commercial look? For this reason, tiles manufacturers have created a variety of different tile sizes and designs. One of the newest tile trends this season is large format tiles.

Large format tiles, such as 12 in. x 24 in., 13 in. x 13 in., 16 in. x 32 in., and 18in. X 18 in., are available at Buytilesandmore in bigger sizes than regular tiles. Large-format tiles are ideal for floor tiles, but they may also be utilized as wall tiles. They have a significant influence on space in addition to improving the visual appeal of your living area.

Elegant rooms are created with our big size tiles, including various classic patterns and textures. Your guests will be amazed when they see them installed in the living room. A large format tile design for your patio may bring a sense of modernism to your property. With a regular-sized tile pattern, you may use large format tiles in rooms.

If you want a spacious home, our tiles are the way to go. These large format tiles would improve the overall look and feel and enhance the sense of space. If you have a smaller room and don't want it to seem sloppy or uncomfortable, use bigger tile sizes! 

The fewer the grout lines, the nicer the room will appear!

You're mistaken if you assume large size tiles may not be used on walls. These tiles may also be used as wall tiles to add to your home's beauty. Creating a clean, uncluttered aesthetic in your living area with a larger tile size is simple.

Is it essential to use large format tile mortar?

Any tile or stone with at least one edge more significant than 15" is appropriate. Is a specific thin-set or adhesive required for large size tile installations? When installing big format tile, a medium-bed mortar is advised to compensate for inconsistencies in the tile and substrate.

Is it more challenging to lay huge tiles?

Smaller tiles are far more challenging to install than larger ones. Larger tiles are popular in bathrooms, but they're also fantastic in kitchens and other spaces.

Is it true that huge tiles are more likely to crack?

The larger the tile, the more it will feel the deflection effects in the flooring. Thus the subfloor must be robust enough to support large format tile. Yes, you are accurate that the thicker tile is less prone to cracking.

Is it true that big-size tiles are more expensive?

When selecting large-format tiles, consider that installation costs may be more than standard tiles. Because certain tiles may require two people to lift and install, labor expenses may be more significant.