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Natural Stone Marble tile is the first choice of designers for its elegant and unique appearance. White Marble Tiles and mosaic tiles have the power to transform any space to an upscale high-end retreat. As it adds timeless beauty and character. Marble mosaic tiles can be used for both as floor tiles and wall tiles, they come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. The most popular marble tiles are the white Carrara marble tiles and white calacatta marble tiles. Blended marble mosaic designs can add beauty to your space, you can select from a wide variety of shapes and patterns like chevron, arabesque, basketweave, hexagon, octagon, penny shape, and herringbone. The Water jet marble mosaics offers you the most intricate designs with blend and fusion of metal and other materials. Check our Marble mosaics wall and floor tiles on sale. Shop with confidence.


1. How often do these tiles require polishing to keep their shine?.
These are highly durable and require very little maintenance to keep the shine on them; with
everyday use, you can still see the glow on the natural with just a wipe from clean water on
these tiles. These look as good as new and can be trusted in the long run.
2. Do these tiles available in different shapes and sizes?
Yes, natural stone marbles are available in different shapes and sizes like chevron, arabesque,
basketweave, hexagon, octagon, penny shape, herringbone and many more if there is any
particular shape or size marble you are looking for, then you can reach out to us. Our team
will guide you if there is any specific design you have in your mind.
3. How many colors of marbles can we opt for?
There are plenty of colors available in these natural marbles. However, suppose there is any
specific color you are looking for. In that case, we have a specialist team who can help you
choose the color that fits your place perfectly. In addition, you can ask for multiple patterns
so that you can review them before placing the order.
4. What is the strength of a tiles?
Tiles have the standardized weight of between 4 to 5 pounds; some of the porcelain-based
tiles are a bit heavy than the normal tiles, approximately 4.5 to 5 pounds that make them look
great and increases the shine of a room where it is placed. 
5. What are the benefits of tiles at home?
Tiles have a variety of benefits, like easy to maintain and clean to scratch resistant and stain
resistant, and many more. These flooring and wall material that can be used for residential and
commercial purpose. Moreover, tiles provide a classy and elegant look.