Mosaic tiles are an excellent way to create interest with a dose of bright and vibrant colors. Mosaic tiles are small pieces of tile that are held together in a sheet. Mosaic tiles can be made from different materials like Marble, pebble stones, porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, reflective mirrors, natural stones like onyx, quartzite, limestone, slate and a blend of all the materials. The pieces of desired materials are cut into small pieces and glued together onto a mesh sheet.

Mosaic tiles are easy to cut and install just like most tiles and makes application process simple.

Versatile in usage

Mosaic tiles can embrace any part of home whether its big or small from Kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, fireplace, accent or featured walls or the entryway. All the mosaic tiles are not made from the same materials and have different purposes. Mosaic tiles can used for both as wall tiles and floor tiles. Some are made for heavy traffic areas and others to enhance the look you are going for. Mosaic tiles also vary in thickness and length so be sure to check details and dimensions. Some interlocking mosaic tiles are easy to install and are seamless.


Vibrant and Trendy

Give your kitchen a timeless and classic look or your bathroom a look of modern elegance. Mosaic tiles comes in countless varieties and are extremely versatile and can be installed anywhere you desire ranging from kitchen backsplashes to shower walls. You can combine different tile colors, shapes and styles to create your design and follow the trend. There is no limitations to mosaic tiles, so think big and take the charge of your project.



Shapes and colors

The possibilities are endless when it comes to shapes and colors with mosaic tiles. Glass Mosaics come in many different colors, the waterjet mosaic tiles come in many shapes, there are speciality shapes mosaics ranging from Subway Tiles, Herringbone patterns, Penny shape tiles, Hexagon & Octagon shapes, Lantern shape, 3D Mosaics Basketweave and many interlocking patterns.  The fun and diverse palette makes it hard to resist when it comes to styling your needs. The tiles are available in various shapes and colors as we keep different wants and needs in mind.

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