Choosing the right stone paver is very important. Before investing in this type of material, doing adequate research is most important. The importance of some of these factors will depend on your budget and personal preferences, and priorities.


BEAUTY: natural stone has incomparable beauty. It gives an authentic note to a garden path, a terrace covering, or a driveway. A natural stone paver is available in several colors and textures. The finishes are both aesthetic and varied to adapt to classic, contemporary or eclectic styles.


natural stone paver is very resistant and durable for road surfaces with frequent traffic. The Roman roads were already paved with natural stone. This type of format can easily face all weather conditions such as rain, heat, or frost. The choice of size depends on the nature of the rocks used and the use of the paved area (road surface, pedestrian surface, etc.)

GOOD PRICE-QUALITY RATIO: a natural stone paver offers very good value for money.

EASE OF WORK AND MAINTENANCE: pavers are very practical materials to lay. Projects are completed quickly. Maintenance is very easy with a brush broom, clean water, and mild soap.

REUSABLE: natural stone pavers are almost infinitely reusable and recyclable.

We list 5 of the best paver stone materials available

Limestone pavers

A large number of limestone pavers are available most common advantage of limestone pavers is that they ate very durable and easy to maintain.

Sandstone pavers

It is a cleaved natural sandstone rock characterized by its brown and dark beige colors, its hardness, its longevity, and its fine grain. Its rustic appearance is due to its composition of mineral sediments accumulated over millennia. Available in distressed and natural finishes, this natural stone is widely used in paper format. It comes in yellow and pink tones, and it is a very hard material with a smooth and regular surface.

Marble pavers

It is denser and harder compared to limestone, and as such, it is very durable and resistant to heat.

Its comfortable appearance will absolutely add curbside appeal to your house.

Granite Pavers

Granite is harder to contrast with marble or limestone. But it is more tough ideal for high foot traffic areas. It is relatively stain resistant also.

Travertine pavers

Some of the limestones are formed from hot spring deposits.

Travertine is some of the most brittle than compare to normal limestone.